Keepin’ it Fresh. Keepin’ it New.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients in our Kelvin slushies.

Kelvin Slush flavors:
Spicy Ginger
Tangy Citrus
Green & Black Tea

Real fruit purée mix-ins:
- Açaí   – Apricot   - Blackberry   - Blood Orange   - Blueberry   - Cherry
- Cranberry   - Lychee   - Mango   - Papaya   - Pink Guava   - Pear
- Raspberry   - Strawberry   - White Peach

We also pride ourselves on keeping it fresh and new, so we will frequently be offering a variety of other mix-ins such as mint, basil, shaved coconut, nata de coco, ice cream and any other fun stuff we can think of.

For some other great flavor ideas check out our blog or take a look at some of the tasty photos posted on Foodspotting by our customers.

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