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Organic Frozen Cocktail & Slush Mix - Award-Winning Margarita & Pina Colada Mix

Kelvin works perfectly in a blender and easily allows you to make almost any cocktail in frozen form.

It’s simple to customize your recipe by adding & combining different ingredients.

First, start with these basic blender recipes:


Spirit Cocktail


 Second, customize the above recipes by:

  • Combining 2 or more different Kelvin flavors (e.g. Tea & Citrus)

  • Combining different types of wine & spirits (e.g. Gin, Campari & Vermouth in a Negroni)

  • Adding up to 0.5 oz of additional ingredients to the above recipes (e.g. fruit juice or purée, liqueurs, bitters or even kombucha)

Third, combine all ingredients & blend until smooth


Looking for inspiration?

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