• Kelvin Slush Co.

    Craft Cocktails, Frozen.

    Award-winning organic frozen cocktail mix

Kelvin comes in 6 organic base slush flavors


Using these 6 base Kelvin Slush flavors

the frozen cocktail possibilities are endless

Kelvin is proudly

USDA Organic



Made in the USA




Of course, that means we don’t use any high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial preservatives or ingredients


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Kelvin is the first organic frozen cocktail mix 

and lets you make real craft cocktails, that just happen to be frozen


From the streets of New York to your restaurant or bar

Kelvin Slush Co. started as a food truck on the streets of Brooklyn in 2010 selling organic non-alcoholic slushies to thirsty New Yorkers.

We don’t run our slush truck anymore but Kelvin is now the premium frozen cocktail mix used by upscale restaurants & bars across the US & Canada.


Proper cocktails — Not just fruit flavors

Most frozen drink mixes are fruit-flavor centric, cloyingly sweet, neon colored, and made with things like high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors & artificial ingredients.


Kelvin is different

Kelvin is the first USDA Organic cocktail mix specifically designed to make premium frozen cocktails.

You’re not just limited to fruity frozen cocktails anymore.

Using Kelvin, it’s easy to make almost any classic & craft cocktails, frozen.


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“My lips to God’s ears, this is one of my must go to places. Cooling, refreshing, delicious . . .”

— Andrew Zimmern

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“I was revived by a brew of spicy ginger stirred with white peach
and a handful of fresh mint, although I couldn’t help thinking
how great it would taste with bourbon.