Say ¡hola! to a true classic. 


Our organic Margarita frozen cocktail mix is made with real organic lime juice & sweetened with a combination of organic agave and organic cane sugar. It is the perfect mix to make a classic frozen margarita, or in any other cocktail that calls for fresh lime juice.




Check out these great recipes using Kelvin Margarita mix. 


Ginger Margarita


classic margarita

Watermelon Diablo


Product Specifications



Each Case yields (12 oz):
~148 frozen cocktails
~128 non-alcoholic slush

Case Size

Bottle size: 64 oz
Case size: 4 x 64 oz

Height: 10.75″
Width: 10.25″
Depth: 8.5″
Weight: 22 lbs

Skid Size

Cases / Pallet: 80
Bottles / Pallet: 320

Ti: 16 cases / layer
Hi: 5 layers
Weight: 1,810 lbs


Works in any uncarbonated frozen drink machine or can be used with a blender.

More info on equipment here.