Kelvin works in a blender or a frozen drink machine. Just follow these basic recipes.


Slush Machine Instructions
Combine all ingredients & freeze in slush machine


Blender Instructions
Combine all ingredients & blend until smooth


With these basic recipes & our 9 base flavors, you have endless frozen cocktail possibilities. 

Here are just a few of our favorites.

Three Frozen Aperol Spritz slushy drinks on a table.

aperol spritz

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix,
Aperol, Prosecco, Gin

Chi Chi slushy drink with fresh pineapple.

chi chi

Kelvin Piña Colada Slush Mix,

"My lips to God’s ears, this is one of my must go to places. Cooling, refreshing, delicious"

 - Andrew Zimmern

Frozen French 75 drink in a cup with fresh fruit.

french 75

Kelvin Frosé Blanc™ Slush Mix,
Gin, Champagne

Frosé Blanc® in a glass on a tray.

Frosé Blanc®

Kelvin Frosé Blanc® Slush Mix,
Sauvignon Blanc, Gin

Ginger margarita with a fresh lime in it.

ginger margarita

Kelvin Margarita & Ginger Slush Mix,

Last Word frozen slush in a glass.

last word

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix, Gin,
Green Chartreuse, Maraschino Liqueur

Moscow mule in a copper mug.

Moscow Mule

Kelvin Ginger Slush,
Vodka, Lime Juice

Paloma drink in a glass on top of a towel.


Kelvin Grapefruit Slush Mix,

Frozen rye & ginger cocktail in a glass.

Rye & ginger

Kelvin Ginger Slush Mix,
Rye Whiskey

Frozen Strawberry Fields drink in a glass with a fresh lemon wedge on top.

strawberry fields

Kelvin Ginger & Frosé Slush Mix,
Gin, Strawberry Purée

Frozen Whiskey Sour cocktail in a glass on a coaster.

whiskey sour

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix,

A frozen Bellini in a glass with fresh blood oranges around it.


Kelvin Frosé Blanc® Mix,
Prosecco, Rum, Peach Liqueur

Cold fashioned slushy drink on a table with some oranges.

cold fashioned

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix,
Whiskey, Orange Juice, Bitters

Dark and Slushie drink next to a bottle of rum and fresh ginger.


Kelvin Ginger Slush Mix,
Gosling’s Black Seal Rum

Frozen Frosé Cocktail On Table With Fresh Fruit And Flowers


Kelvin Frosé Slush Mix,
Rosé Wine, Vodka

Hemingway daiquiri in a glass with a cherry.

hemingway daiquiri

Kelvin Citrus & Margarita Slush Mix, Rum,
Maraschino Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice

Frozen margarita in a glass, on a cutting board, and with fresh orange.


Kelvin Margarita Slush Mix,

Pina Colada recipe in a glass with fresh pineapple.

Piña Colada

Kelvin Piña Colada Slush Mix,

Frozen Red Wine Sangria in a glass next to fresh fruit.

Frosé Noir™

Kelvin Frosé Noir™ Mix,
Red Wine, Rum

Proud Winner 4 Gold Medals
International Spirits Competitions

Frozen Strawberry Margarita in a glass with a lime.

strawberry margarita

Kelvin Margarita & Frosé Slush Mix,
Tequila, Strawberry Purée

Virgin Slushies in 3 glasses garnished with fresh fruit.

Virgin slush

Kelvin Slush Mix

Bushwood frozen drink in a glass on a wood coaster.


Kelvin Tea & Citrus Slush Mix,
Rye Whiskey

Frozen Daiquiri on a table next to a cutting board and juicer.


Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix,

Frozen Negroni in a glass next to an ice tray.

Frozen Negroni

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix, Campari, Gin, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Juice

Ginger colada cocktail in a glass with fresh fruit.

ginger colada

Kelvin Piña Colada & Ginger Slush Mix,

Frozen hurricane cocktail with an orange peel.


Kelvin Frosé Slush Mix,
Rum, Passion Fruit Purée, Grenadine

Mojito in a glass with a mint leaf.


Kelvin Margarita Slush Mix,
Rum, Mint

Pro Tip

Add fruit purée or fruit juice to any recipe for a cool spin on a classic cocktail. 

Mint julep in a glass with a lemon slice.

mint julep

Kelvin Citrus Slush Mix,
Bourbon, Mint

Frozen Peach Punch in a glass next to some peaches.

peach punch

Kelvin Tea & Frosé Slush Mix,
Bourbon, Peach Liqueur

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri in a glass next to some fresh strawberries.

strawberry daiquiri

Kelvin Frosé & Margarita Slush Mix,
Rum, Strawberry Purée

Frozen Watermelon Diablo drink in a tall glass with fresh watermelon.

watermelon diablo

Kelvin Margarita & Ginger Slush Mix,
Tequila, Watermelon Juice



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