Fresh, bright & super versatile, this is the base for many great frozen cocktails. 

Kelvin Slush Citrus mix in a plastic container.

Our organic Citrus frozen cocktail mix is a versatile base to make a frozen version of almost any traditional rocks cocktail that would use fresh lemon juice or sour mix. It also serves as a neutral base for many spirit-forward classic forward cocktails such as a Negroni or a Last Word.



Check out these great recipes using Kelvin Citrus mix. 

Three Frozen Aperol Spritz slushy drinks on a table.


Cold fashioned slushy drink on a table with some oranges.


Frozen Negroni in a glass next to an ice tray.

frozen negroni


Product Specifications



Each Case yields (12 oz):
~148 frozen cocktails
~128 non-alcoholic slush

Case Size

Bottle size: 64 oz
Case size: 4 x 64 oz

Height: 10.75″
Width: 10.25″
Depth: 8.5″
Weight: 22 lbs

Skid Size

Cases / Pallet: 80
Bottles / Pallet: 320

Ti: 16 cases / layer
Hi: 5 layers
Weight: 1,810 lbs


Works in any uncarbonated frozen drink machine or can be used with a blender.

More info on equipment here.